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About Us

The short answer is 100% commitment to the business. Being the owner entails being ready at all times to address operational and management issues. Working at someone else's restaurant is the ideal way to prepare yourself for opening your own.

And so started the journey of a hardworking and devoted business entrepreneur with over 26 years of experience. Mr. Kartik ramalingam used to work part-time at pizza corner in 1996 after graduating with a bachelor's degree in business administration.

In 1999, after working for established multinational companies such as pizza corner, pizza hut, and kfc and gaining sufficient knowledge, he began his restaurant consultation business with mr. Consultant in the year 2011 with the aim of offering businesses comprehensive setup assistance for multicusine, bakery, bar, and pubs, and it now has 400+ outlets distributed across india, malaysia, nigeria, and singapore.

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We are a consulting and development firm serving Restaurants, Hotels, bars, lounges and any enterprise with a food and beverage component. From full service concept development and Restaurants Managements Contracts and Menu Development and hands on opening support and all the detail in between, we do it all. We support you in the following key areas for the successful business.

  • - Pizza & Fried Chicken Restaurant
  • - Multi cuisine restaurant
  • - Hotel Consultants
  • - Restaurant Project Consultants
  • - Restaurant Set UP Consultants
  • - Bakery Consultants
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